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October 13, 2015

Talent Match Participation Group Residential

The Talent Match Participation Group attended a residential at Brathay Trust in the Lake District. The aim of this residential was to recruit new young people for the participation group, bond as a team, and explore some aspects of employability. We also did some training around bid writing as the young people will be looking at bids from the next round of the innovation fund and be deciding what projects deserve a grant.

Six young people attended the residential three girls and three boys, so it was a good mix of young people. The young people and staff participated in team building activities such as sailing, orienteering, abseiling, ghyll scrambling and also completed an assault course. Although these activates sound exciting and fun all the young people pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and challenged themselves to do things they would of never have tried in their everyday lives and overcame their fears.

We did some group work talking about what the young people would like to see from Talent Match going forward. We decided to base this around projects. The young people answered questions about what would make a good project, bad project and what projects they would like to see from Talent Match in the future. We got some amazing ideas from young people around music, holistic therapies, disability, young carers and sports. We also did some group exercises on bid writing and looking at previous bids that have been accepted for the innovation fund. We also looked at bids that hadn’t been accepted and the reasons why.

All the activities that the young people participated in while we were at Brathay encouraged team work, pushed people outside of their comfort zones and made them challenge their own boundaries. Not only did the young people learn new skills, we talked about how they could use the skills and experiences they have had in answering interview questions.

Talent Match apprentice Leah Billows said;

“The residential was brilliant, it was great to have the opportunity to really push myself through the challenging activities that I would never get a chance to do in day to day life.  It was great to see how the group bonded and how well they supported each other through the activities.”

Here is a short film of the activities the young people and staff got up to!

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