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June 10, 2015

JJ and Shauna Beat The Bullies

MYA’s Peer Mentoring and Volunteering project have worked with Year 11 ASDAN students at Crosby High School to create a story book that it is hoped will help students across Merseyside to deal with bullying.

JJ and Shauna are experiencing cyber bullying and the story details how they try and deal with it on their own unsuccessfully and how the situation is ultimately resolved. The book is aimed at young people between 11 and 16.

Students came up with the subject matter of the book as bullying was a subject they were all concerned about. They created the characters and the storyline and the art work was provided by MYA contact Nicole Breen. The book was printed by Sandfield Park’s 6th Form enterprise printing press and is available through the disability team at MYA.


If you would like JJ and Shauna to come to you and explore any issues that your young people are facing or if you would like a copy or copies of the book, please phone 0151 702 0700 and ask to speak to Simon or Neil. Alternatively email or