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Mental Health Promotion and Training

MYA is working towards making Mental Health Promotion Everyone’s Business. We do this through providing information on our website www.liverpoolfyi.com and promoting positive messages about mental health and training.

We provide free Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Promotion Training( in conjunction with various partners) to the Children and Young Peoples Workforce including:

• ‘Mad’ ‘Bad’ or Misunderstood?
• Speech, Language and Communication needs
• Grief and Loss
• Complicated Grief
• Gender Identity
• The CAMHS Masterclass
• Mental Health First Aid

Further training is being developed in response the results of our extensive training needs analysis.

We also have a very specialised training offer for schools who are committed to putting children and young people’s mental health as a central priority.

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Disability Equality Training

Disability Equality Awareness training is now a vital part of life both in the voluntary and private sector. The Disability and Inclusion training team work towards re-educating and removing the fear and ignorance often felt when meeting people with disabilities.
Equality sees the person before the disability and is our starting point to avoiding discrimination.
Our disability equality training is delivered through challenging scenarios, revealing not only the letter of the law but the intentions and facts behind it. Each training session contains a mixture of awareness, equality, diversity, humour, role play and facts about issuers surrounding disabilities.
The training also incorporates how organisations can adapt their workplace, environment, curriculum, workshops/ sessions to become completely inclusive so all disabled people can be part of your organisation.
The training also gives practical solutions to problems encountered in the workplace as well as providing accreditation for participants attending the training.

The training is Suitable for:

• Play and Youth Service practitioners
• Health care practitioners
• School teachers, SENCO’s , teaching assistants
• Early Years practitioners
• Anyone involved with members of the public
• Front line customer facing or customer service staff