Why partner with us?

If you share MYA’S Values and Vision, Aims and Objectives there may be opportunities for us to work together on a strategic and operational level.

MYA Value Proposition

  • We understand young people. We understand Merseyside.
  • We have expertise, pride and passion at every level of our charity
  • With our 120 year track record, we are a voice for young people and the voluntary youth sector
  • We deliver life -changing outcomes for children and young people
  • We provide a high quality experience for all young people via stimulating and inspirational environment
  • Our impact is built on Equal Opportunity,  Empowerment and Participation
  • We are Big enough to manage , small enough to care

MYA Aims:

  • To inspire our young people to fulfil their full potential
  • To increase our positive impact in the field of work with young people.
  • To build a strong and positive workforce, within MYA and across children and young people’s services

MYA Objectives:

  • To deliver a high quality experience for all young people
  • To provide a stimulating and inspirational environment that supports personal development
  • To present MYA as a key influencer for positive change and to support organisations who work with young people

MYA Vision:

To become the provider of choice for children and young people’s services, training and premises/facilities in Merseyside.