“The Youth Federation sees Merseyside Youth Association as a key North West partner and places great value on our relationship. We have worked together as part of strategic networks and appreciate the perspective MYA brings to discussions. The Youth Federation has also worked in partnership to successfully develop and deliver the Big Lottery Talent Match programme. Taking over 18 months of preliminary work, this process provided a detailed insight into the culture of MYA and the skills of its senior leadership team. Without the unique expertise that MYA brought, Talent Match Liverpool City Region would never have been realised.” CEO Youth Federation

“As workforce development officer at NWRYWU I have had professional links with MYA for over 10 years. In that time I have worked with many members of staff on a range of issues and projects. I have found everyone well informed, professional, supportive and open to ideas and opportunities. I regularly recommend MYA to organisations looking for training for their youth workforce and have had very positive feedback about the quality of the training. MYA’s extensive networks and understanding of the context in which the voluntary youth sector in Merseyside has to operate are an invaluable resource for NWRYWU. I know I can pick up the phone and get a positive response from colleagues at MYA to requests for information and advice or ideas for some joint projects.” NWRYWU Workforce Development Officer