MYA holds the leases on a number of youth centres across Merseyside. The following charities operate these youth centre independent of MYA:

  • Harthill YC
  • Woolton YC
  • Norris Green YC
  • Unity YC
  • Central YC
  • Edge Hill YC
  • Brunswick YC
  • Litherland YC
  • Halewood YITCC

MYA also aims to play a key role in influencing the strategic policies and decision making which impact on children and young people’s lives on Merseyside.

We aim to be represented on a wide range of forums, think tanks, strategy groups and networks, to give a voice to both the voluntary sector and more importantly children and young people. This includes influencing the:

  • Children and young people’s plan
  • Joint strategic needs assessment
  • Health and wellbeing strategy

MYA’s Chief Executive is the voluntary sector representative on the Children’s Trust, is Vice Chair of the Healthy Lives CT sub group and is a member of the Early Intervention CT sub group. She is also a representative on the CAMHS partnership and is the strategic lead for EHAT within the voluntary sector in Liverpool. She also chairs the 0-25 Network of voluntary sector children and young people’s providers .

MYA also works in partnership on service delivery with Merseyside’s Local Authority Youth Services, Youth Offending Services, Short Breaks Teams, CAMHS providers and Leaving Care Teams. We work alongside a number of local counsellors in both strategic issues (including the Children Trust Board and its sub groups) and at an operational level.  A Liverpool City Councillor chairs MYA’s Stakeholder Executive group.

MYA invest time and money into developing the strategic direction of children and young people’s work in the city. Other staff also invest time into a range of strategic and operational groups to support the effective coordination of services.