Project: RAISE Project (Mental Health Promotion)

Who are we?

We are the MYA RAISE team who specialise in the promotion of mental health and resilience to children & young people. We work in partnership with CAMHS, schools and youth groups to deliver a variety of projects and events. As a team, we strive to improve the knowledge and understanding of mental health amongst children and young people promoting the message that “Mental Health is everyone’s business”.


Our approach with every project and piece of work we undertake is to raise a generation to be:

  • Resilient: they can bounce back, learn and cope through change, support and challenge.
  • Aware: aware of their own mental health and the mental health of others
  • Influential: to impact other by sharing creativity and by having a voice (to be the change)
  • Supportive: to sustain and celebrate a culture of diversity where Mental Health is Everyone’s business
  • Empowered: To be inspired and equipped with the tools to bring about positive and lasting change
What do we do?

We engage with a wide range of partners (including mental health professionals, youth workers, teachers, social workers, GP’s, and parents/carers) and collaborate with people from creative industries in order to develop thought provoking promotional material, such as films and animations.


As children and young people are at the centre of our work, whenever possible we give them the opportunity to co-create this material. All of our training and promotional material is driven by the views of young people.


Now Festival

The festival aims to mobilise schools and youth groups (ages 9-19) to produce a 10-15-minute-long drama/dance/music or filmed performance around a chosen theme. All performances come together over a 3-day festival at the Epstein theatre in February. We provide workshops and visits to support your school/youth group. The festival has been designed to fulfil the requirements for GCSE, BTEC and A-Level devised piece and will also allow participants to achieve an Arts Award.


We run annual campaigns with the support of schools and youth groups to spread the message that “Mental Health is Everyone’s Business”. The campaigns can vary year to year depending on how the young people involved wish to convey their message.

Therapeutic Services

Some members of the RAISE team are currently training in a basic CBT model that can be used to help children and young people who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, phobias, low-mood and mild depression. This is achieved over a course of 8-12 one on one sessions that can help a young person understand and change their thinking patterns.

Peer Mentoring

We have developed a very interactive Peer Mentoring Offer for schools and youth groups in close partnership with Liverpool CAMHS. The course takes place over 2 days and aims to give young people the knowledge and tools to enable them to be a positive role model to fellow young people and refer on when necessary.

All students taking part receive a certificate and badge according to the level they complete in recognition of their work and participation.

Youth Participation

Nearly everything we do involves the participation of children and young people (up to 25 years) so that young people have a voice around mental health and emotional wellbeing. From planning city wide events, open mic nights, filming, steering groups, focus groups, workshops, website development and much, much more!


The MYA RAISE team offer up to date training relating to mental health that meet the training needs across Liverpool and specific bespoke training to suit individual agency needs throughout the region. Including Mad, Bad or Misunderstood and YMFA.

Engaging with schools

The RAISE team have developed workshops and assemblies for schools with the aim of raising awareness of mental health for children and young people. These include workshops on stress and worry aimed at year 5 and 6, an assembly based on ‘The Big Bag of Worries’, sessions to Secondary Schools around looking after our mental health, building resilience and coping with stress and worries. We are always happy to adapt sessions and can offer bespoke sessions to suit the needs of children, young people and schools.


Each month, there is a parents group that comes together at MYA. The meetings vary from discussions on a wide range of topics about mental health, support and services to just to catch up and socialise doing activities that are good for your own mental health.


As a team we are constantly creating new resources to engage young people, parents and carers in discussion around mental health. We are busy developing a Resilience Framework which will be an online resource, a useful tool for parents, young people and the workforce – as result of this funding we have also applied for seed money to develop this further the link for this is still in development but can be found here


Connect 5

We have developed, from a course originally written by Stockport, a train the trainer programme to equip trainers to deliver the youth connect 5 course to groups of parents across 9 local authorities. We are also developing a marketing strategy which is creative and is well resourced in order to meet the reach of the Cheshire and Merseyside footprint, this will include animated infomercials. More information about this can be found here

What are the project aims?
  • To promote resilience, prevention and early intervention in relation to mental health.
  • To promote positive mental health.
  • To develop the workforce.
  • To engage young people in campaigns to support positive mental health.
  • To provide services that support positive mental health.
  • To raise awareness of referral routes into appropriate services through the CAMHS partnership.
  • To provide an inclusive service, ensuring promotion of support for the most vulnerable.
Who is the project for?

Our work targets 3 main groups: Children and young people, Parents and Carers and staff who work with children and young people in Liverpool. These would include teachers, social care professionals, GP’s, NHS staff and Voluntary and Community Organisations.

What is the impact?
  • Improved mental health for children and young people.
  • Improved mental health for children and young people’s workforce.
  • Increased awareness of mental health and how to implement policies and procedures that will improve the mental health of children and young people.
  • Improved mental health for parents/carers.
  • Young people provided with mental health support at an early stage.
  • Young people actively discussing mental health in a positive way.
  • Young people feeling that their environment is more supportive and inclusive.
  • Reduced inappropriate referrals to targeted and specialist services.
  • Children and Young People understanding and building their own resilience.
  • Production of training and promotional materials that can improve the knowledge and understanding of mental health.
Where and when does it take place?

Training can take place in Merseyside Youth Association or across various venues in Liverpool – we offer dates on our training calendar but are also available to come into the workplace and deliver training to staff teams.

For more information, you can contact us at


How do I get there?

Please click here for location and directions

What do people say about us?

Professionals have said:

“Very informative about children and young people’s mental health”

“I would recommend that anyone who works with children and young people in Liverpool attend s this training “

“It is great being on training with such a mixture of professionals “

Children and young people have said:

“think using the creative arts is the best possible way to promote mental health amongst all people of all ages, especially teenagers.”

“This project has also helped me to think how mental health doesn’t just mean issues, you should focus on making your mental health positive instead of just not making it negative.”

“I have learnt a lot. From learning about mental health conditions to view mental health in a different way. It taught me that mental health goes beyond than only it being associated with the mind. I have also learnt to get out of my comfort place and work with other people I don’t know.”

Who funds the project?

Liverpool CCG.

The Connect 5 Project is funded by CHAMPS.