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October 15, 2015

Buddy Up!

MYA’s Peer Mentoring and Volunteering (PMV) Project have been working with young mentors from the Sefton Buddy Up Project. Over three days the young mentors underwent training around peer mentoring and volunteering. They considered what these activities looked like and also explored their skills and how they could use these as buddies and mentors. The young people also undertook training around safeguarding and health and safety as part of the PMV Project. They also decided that they wanted to create a film and a leaflet to promote their work and hopefully increase the size of the project in terms of numbers of young people engaged and trained.











With expert input from Sefton CVS and MYA staff the young people began planning what the film and leaflet would look like. They decided on the information that would be shared and story boarded the film. On the final day, seven young people came to MYA’s office in Liverpool to film and complete the leaflet. This went really well, the young people had a great time and the finished product is available to view below!

PMV staff member Simon Huthwaite said;

“The project has been a huge success and this is due to the hard work of the young people at Sefton Buddy Up as much as anything. A huge thank you to the Emma and Emma at Sefton C VS.”

Here is the film we made..


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