Following the Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2010, MYA’s grants with Local Authorities were substantially cut. Between 2010-14 we lost over £1.6 million of local authority funding.

However despite this we have been proactive in developing a new business plan focusing our work on key themes (Enabling young people to lead healthy livesPromoting young people’s creativity and positivityEnhancing young people’s employability) and developing partnerships, applying for new areas of funding and beginning to develop relationships with corporate patrners.

In 2013 we secured Lox and Caper ( café proprietors ) and Young Addaction as tenants in our city centre building and we continue to develop our partnership with those who wish to utilise our facilities.

In early 2014 we launched our Talent Match programme, a five year project funded by Big Lottery to support young people aged 18-24 who have been out or work for 12 months or over. This will be our building block to develop our future priorities to continue to support the most vulnerable children and young people within universal service provision.