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May 28, 2014

A Decade at the helm…

A Decade at the helm… Gill Bainbridge, Chief Executive is celebrating 10 years in post this month. Gill, who came to MYA following a successful period managing the Young Person’s Advisory Service , has steered MYA through the best and worst of times. Gill said “ In many ways this has been the quickest ten years of my life, but it other ways, it has seemed like a lifetime. I am immensely proud of the charity, its staff team and its young people. In those dark and sad days, when you think “what’s the point of its all “, it is their inspiration that keeps you strong. It is their resilience that makes you continue to believe in what you do. It is their hope that gives you hope. So , to sum the last ten years up, I do this job because it matters.


It matters to the young people I see growing and developing as a result of the work our projects do.

The young man who is able to give you eye contact for the first time… the young women who says she doesn’t think she’d still be alive it is wasn’t for the project…the parent that tells you how her disabled son has formed a friendship for the first time…the young person who started out as a beneficiary and ended up as a member of the staff team.


These things matter… they matter because they are life changing.. .even the seemingly small things that can build a foundation to an independent life.


It also matters to our staff… men and women who chose to work in a profession with long , unsociable hours, talking to teenagers on rainy streets in October, spending weekends way from home on residential, challenging the negative stereotypes about young people and challenging those young people who would seek to live up to those stereotypes.


And I also believe that it matters to us as a society… young people are our future doctors, nurses ,lawyers, care assistants , mechanics, engineers … and how they view their world will shape ours in years to come.

Here’s to the next decade of Youth Work that matters!